BCHBlender Review

Bitcoin Cash mixer services such as BCHBlender offer an exchange of bitcoin cash (BCH) to their users for the purposes of blockchain privacy and anonymity. Just as with Bitcoin, BCH is easily traceable on the public blockchain. To maintain privacy and anonymity, it’s necessary to use a bitcoin cash mixer to break the link. In this BCHBlender review, we will be testing their service for speed, anonymity, and ease of use.

BCHBlender Review

BCHBlender.com features a user friendly and simple front end. Upon first visit, enter the address the service will send your “new” “clean” bitcoin cash. Be sure to create a new Electron Cash wall for this step. Once you enter the destination output address, proceed to the next page. Here, you will be given a unique deposit address to where you will send your dirty BCH. There is a minimum transaction fee of .01, so be sure that you send at least that. Once you’ve sent the BCH to the Bitcoin Cash Mixer, it will then be mixed and sent back to your new output address with any delay or additional variables considered.

BCHBlender.com – The Best Bitcoin Cash Mixer

As there are few Bitcoin Cash mixers out there, BCHBlender truly does an excellent job at maintaining the quality of their service. They are an extension of a traditional bitcoin mixer, which we also covered in our BTCblender Review. During our testing, the transactions confirmed and cleared in at lightning speed, there were no confusing steps or issues whatsoever. A taint analysis showed completely clean BCH, so my privacy and anonymity has been ensured.

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