With the recent news of Grams Helix closing their doors, we thought it just to make an updated list of the best bitcoin mixers 2018. Bitcoin has seen some great ups and downs over the past month. As mentioned in our why mix bitcoins article; it’s important to be sure that you’re using trusted bitcoin mixer services when transacting on the blockchain. As many previous original Grams Helix users are aware, there’s hundreds of phishing sites (still operating) under the grams helix name. Despite the massive amount of impersonator sites that continue to pop up daily; there are still many trusted bitcoin mixers that are operating on both the dark web and the clear web.

Updated 2019 Best Bitcoin Mixers Directory.

Best Bitcoin Mixers 2018

We will be ordering these bitcoin mixers 2018 by rank, based on experiences and feedback we receive from you. If you use any of the bitcoin mixers mentioned in this list, please take a moment to leave us feedback on your experience. We respect your privacy, and welcome anonymous feedback. We rely on feedback from readers like you, to help maintain the integrity and value of our review site.


bitloader bitcoin mixerBitloader anonymous bitcoin mixer is a full service bitcoin mixer & bitcoin mastercard provider that competes with services such as bitpay, gocoin and many others. Bitloader.cc also provides a completely anonymous bitcoin mixer and payment utility to make bitcoin transactions completely anonymous and secure to any wallet.Continue Reading: Bitloader Anonymous Bitcoin Mixer Mastercard Review

Dream Market Bitcoin Tumbler

dream market bitcoin tumblerDream Market is most well known for it’s extremely large user base and extremely secure marketplace platform. Due to overwhelming demand for an internal bitcoin tumbler, The Dream Team has officially released their completely new bitcoin tumbler. Unlike many other bitcoin mixers, Dream Market bitcoin tumbler is ONLY accessible through the deep web, via Tor. Continue Reading: Dream Market Bitcoin Tumbler Review


Having been in business since early 2014, Bitblender is one of the longest running bitcoin mixers on both the clearnet and darkweb. Their website is simple, secure, and works like a charm. They have an anonymous quickmix feature, that doesn’t require any login or signup process. In addition, they have an anonymous signup that lets you store bitcoins, specify automatic withdrawals, specify multiple output addresses, etc.Continue Reading: BitBlender Bitcoin Mixer Review


Onion Mixer

onion bitcoin mixerOnion Mixer Bitcoin Mixer is a deep web only service that isn’t available on the open clearnet. Onion mixer offers several advanced security features such as random delays, multiple wallet outputs, customizable fee, and several others that make it one of the most stable, secure bitcoin mixers in it’s class. The service is focused on privacy and anonymity, hence it being deep web only. Onion mixer has maintained it’s reputation since it’s launch in 2014, and they’ve continued to build out and improve their system over time. Continue Reading: Onion Mixer Bitcoin Mixer Privacy Service



ChipMixer offers a unique bitcoin mixing experience that offers a top level amount of security. Unlike conventional bitcoin mixers, ChipMixer exchanges your input bitcoin for what they call “chips”. These chips are small increments of bitcoin that you can split, merge, and bet. They give you the private key for your “chips” which you can then import directly to your bitcoin wallet. These chips are all pre-dated, and since they are imported- there is absolutely no record of your transaction on the blockchain.Continue Reading: Chipmixer Bitcoin Tumbler Review


btcblender bitcoin mixerBTCBlender has remained on our list since they launched in early 2014. BTC Blender offers a fast, secure service that’s never failed a taint analysis check based on our reader’s feedback. They are fully funded by large bitcoin miner reserves- adding peace of mind knowing they’re here to stay for a while. Continue Reading: BTCBlender Bitcoin Mixer Review


More Bitcoin Mixers

There are several more trusted bitcoin mixers that we’ve personally had great experiences with. We have a strict set of standards on how we choose which services to the list. The most important thing is feedback that our users submit based on their experience. When we have a certain number of people with favorable experiences, we add the service to the list. We will not list your service here, nor accept donations for featured content.

So, tell us.. what bitcoin mixer do you use? Leave fully anonymous feedback on our Feedback Form Here


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