Bestmixer mixes bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, and soon ethereum

bestmixer bitcoin mixerBestmixer bitcoin mixer provides users the ability to mix or “tumble” alternate cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and litecoin. For increeased security, and to encure your anonyminity it’s important to always use a bitcoin mixer service. Not only will it maintain your anonymity, but also protect you prom cypercrminals or policing authorities.

Bitcoin and other crypto mixing services play the roll as anonymous mediary between your old or otherwise “tainted” cryptocurrency. They do this by mixing your old coins with others within their system, they then send new, clean coins to the wallet(s) you specify.

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Using a bitcoin mixer may sound complicated, and it is if you want to get into the science of how it works; however, Bestmixer is very user friendly and pretty self explanatory for the most part. In this article, we will be outlining some of the features and benefits that makes them distinctly secure.

Bestmixer Bitcoin Mixer

Privacy features-  They offer a tor mirror, which is a good sign. The process is all very smooth, and there is a number of options to choose from. Multiple output addresses make it a great way to add an extra layer of protection. In addition, they have a unique privacy meter, which helps you gauge how anonymous your mix is.

User Controlled Fees- The user may also control their fee-per-mix amount. As part of their security meter, you can move the slider up or down. The fees range from 1% on the low end, and 5% on the high. This is another unique feature for bestmixer, and only further increases anonymity.

Time Delays- Most mixers offer time delays as part of the standard mixing process. However, bestmixer allows the users to specify specific to the moment delays. Additionally, you can also control the individual increments of coin sent on a delay when specifying multiple output addresses.

Visit Bestmixer (Official URL)

Visit Bestmixer (Tor Mirror)


  1. Works great for bitcoin cash!

  2. Does anyone know when they will add ethereum?

  3. Just tried this service out and it worked just like it said it would! I had put a time delay for 24 minutes and put a timer to see how accurate it was. It came exactly 24 minutes later. I only mixed .02 bitcoin but will trust them next time

    And thanks to the blogger who mentioned bestmixer

  4. Visitor Rating: 5 Stars


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