Bitblender Bitcoin Mixer

Bitblender bitcoin mixer has landed on our best bitcoin mixer list because their system is simple. Unlike Chipmixer, their front end is lightweight and has an old school, JavaScript free look & feel. As with all bitcoin mixers reviewed here on, bitblender offers several features to protect their users. To counteract time based blockchain analysis, they offer a randomized delay feature for new bitcoin deposits. In an effort to deter transaction amount analysis, they provide the option to output mixed coins to multiple wallet addresses.

Bitblender Bitcoin Mixer Review

Bitblender has been in business since 2014. They offer two factor authentication with PGP encryption for added security and allow you to specify automatic withdraws. If you prefer, you can set wallet addresses for auto-withdrawal so you do not have to log back in to withdraw your coins.

Auto withdraws are scheduled with random delays for best anonymity. Bitblender takes every measure to ensure you only have to pass credentials as often as truly necessary. Bitcoin Blender makes your coins instantly available for withdrawal the moment your deposits are confirmed. Your withdrawal comes from a totally different ‘pool’ of coins, so your withdrawn coins are never traceable from your deposited coins.

In addition to their returning user features, bitblender also offers a fast track “quickmix” feature that doesn’t require any account login or registration. This is ideal for users looking for a fast mix on a simple and easy to use system. Bitblender bitcoin blender is a fully standalone system that operates on both the clear web. You can find the official (referral free) URLs below:

Visit Bitblender Clearnet URL

Visit Bitblender Onion (tor) URL


  1. I use bitblender any time i send or receive funds to dark web / casinos. Highly suggest their service!

  2. Is bitblender offline? I can’t seem to access it.

  3. I accidently set a 0-3 hour delay, any way to fix this?

  4. Sent them .25 btc after a few small tests and used the random delay + multiple output addresses features. Worked great, if only payroll was this simple!

  5. Just tested bitblender with .01 btc, seems to run fast and works great with tor!

  6. I like BTCBlender better, a little more user friendly. But this mixer works well too

  7. This is the only bitcoin blender you need to have bookmarked. please keep in business and dont shut down

    • BitBlender is ok but not the only one you should have. I always use 2-3 bitcoin mixers for ultimate privacy


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