Bitcoin Fog Tumbler

Btcoin Fog is a proven gold standard when it comes to taknig your privacy seriously. The downside is Bitcoin Fog does require six confirmations for deposits and will set a minimum delay of six hours for withdrawals at random times during the process. This is a sound process for those approaching their transactions in a structured and planned manner. It is not ideal for anyone trying to get money quickly from one account to another. The fees are fully random and will range between 1-3% of your deposit.

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Update: As of February 1, 2017 BitcoinFog appears to have closed and shut its doors. We recommend now using Helix Grams instead.


  1. thought i got scammed at first it took so long to get my new bitcoins. cant say ill be using the bitcoin fog again

  2. does anyone else think the bitcoin fogger looks shady enough where they will just close one day and steal the most bitcoins as possible with a exit scam? i call it now..

  3. I am new to bitcoin and was told to use Bitcoin Fog Mixer to clean my coins. Could you provide some more tutorials specifically a step by step using the service and a screenshare video going through the steps? That would be very helpful!


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