Bitloader Anonymous Bitcoin Mixer

Bitloader anonymous bitcoin mixer is a full service bitcoin mixer & bitcoin mastercard provider that competes with services such as bitpay, gocoin and many others. also provides a completely anonymous bitcoin mixer and payment utility to make bitcoin transactions completely anonymous and secure to any wallet.

bitloader anonymous bitcoin mixer

The bitcoin mixer works by taking dirty, or otherwise tainted coins and exchanging them for new, clean coins on the network. The system mixes Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. The result of which is completely clean coins deposited to a new, anonymous wallet of your choice.

Users may also choose to add a delay to the transaction to further eliminate any time based blockchain analysis. In addition, users may also spread out the payment to multiple wallet addresses for additional privacy. The mixer charges a flat .5% mixing fee regardless of which cryptocurrency you choose to tumble.

Bitloader is also the only bitcoin mixer service to have an actual working phone number and customer service line. So in the event you have an issue, you can contact them directly for support.

The customer service support phone number is +44 74 8058 9148

Exchange Bitcoin For Altcoins

In addition to their renowned mixing service, bitloader also offer a unique way to exchange wallet balances for alt coins such as monero, litecoin, ethereum, and bitcoin cash.This is a unique feature to bitloader, as the only other service to provide such features is is a flat 3% fee for their alt coin exchange service.

Anonymous Bitloader Mastercard

The bitloader service comes standard with a free virtual mastercard, which may be loaded and spend anywhere online. The virtual mastercard works just as a bank account, so recurring purchases can get approved. Bitloader also offers the ability for users to request a physical bitloader mastercard, The Mastercard is fully anonymous and able to be used at any ATM in the world that accepts Mastercard. There is a one time fee for receiving the card, and a flat 1% fee per transaction. Additional ATM fees do vary, depending on the ATM or bank that you choose to withdraw from.

Visit (Clearnet Address)

Visit Bitloader Tor Onion (Tor Only)



  1. great service, the virtual card works for paypal FYI

  2. over glorified bitpay service.. the mixer does work ok though

    • I disagree, Bitpay has extremely tight limits and is by NO MEANS anonymous.

  3. Awesome mixer, just ordered my physical card.. can anyone tell me how long shipping is to the USA/

    • It took about 10 days for me to get mine, depending on if you’re sending it to a PO box or not

  4. Thank you for sharing this post. I’ve tested all of their features and am extremely pleased with my experience.

  5. works good

  6. I’ve been using bitloader since may, and it’s worked everytime I’ve needed it.

    I went out of the country last month and was pleased to find that the debit card works great abroad and I had no issues accessing my funds.

  7. Is there a way to transfer funds between accounts?

  8. I got my card in the mail and it worked on an ATM first time, no issues. My limit is only set to $1k USD per day but they said it could be liftedafter 30 days.

    Thank you for sharing this, i was not able to get cash for BTC until I found bitloader.


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