Chipmixer Bitcoin Mixer Tumbler Complete Review, Tutorial & Walkthrough

There are many bitcoin mixers out there, and most of them do the same thing. Mixers typically take your dirty bitcoins / cryptocurrency and mix them with a number of other coins on the system. The handicap with this method is that you don’t always know that the coins coming back to you are completely clean.

Chipmixer Bitcoin Mixer

Chipmixer Bitcoin Mixer /Tumbler works differently than traditional cryptocurrency mixers. Rather than mixing and sending bitcoins to you via blockchain; instead gives you private keys to the equivalent amount of coin for you to posses and control locally. This gives users the advantage over anyone using the blockchain to trace transactions.

In this review, we will be walking you through the entire process of using the bitcoin mixer. As this mixer is a bit more complicated than others, we have created a video guiding you through the complete walk through.

There are many copycat sites out there, including many popular .coms and other TLDs. The service is located on the addresses below. Do not follow links from other sites are they are likely incorrect.

All Browsers:

Tor Only:http://chipmibszeovmora.onion

The real chip mixer also offers a Tor .onion service, which proves that they are the real deal. Due to the fact many clear web sites maintain logs and records, the official one has a perfectly functioning onion mixer.

Chipmixer Bitcoin Mixer Review

After walking you through the process, we have once again decided to give these guys a place on our Best Bitcoin Mixer 2019 list. Although their interface is different than most, the obscurity of their methods give them an advantage over the competitors in the field.

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