ChipMixer Bitcoin Mixer Review

Chipmixer starts a 48 hour session when entering their system. ChipMixer requires no registration and makes mixing your bitcoins very easy using a casino like system, which is off the blockchain. You have 48 hours to mix your coins after starting a session before all logs are automatically erased. You can extend this at anytime if for some reason your transactions do not confirm if you sent with a low fee.

ChipMixer also makes mixing your bitcoin more exciting by allowing you to gamble the chips and break them into different denominations. You can also give a tip to the mixing service since it currently takes no fees besides the bitcoin network standard rates at the given time.

When withdrawing, you get the private key of each “chip”, having a standard size. Because they standardize the outputs, they can generate outputs before receiving your inputs. This way there simply cannot be any taint. Since they provide you with the private keys, it’s up to you to chose your own time delay and miner’s fee.

For users that are not familiar with private keys, ChipMixer also provide a withdraw-button for easy withdrawings similar to the Bitcoin Blender and Helix Grams. But in this case you have no control over the fees AND the withdrawal has to happen within 48 hours unless you extend your session.

Visit ChipMixer Official Clearnet URL:

Visit ChipMixer Onion URL: http://chipmibszeovmora.onion/


  1. Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

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  3. never used a bitcoin mixing service that you could gamble with and take your chance in coming out with even more btc. i used the double feature on a .2 btc chip and turned it into 0.4. pretty cool they actually let people win without scamming

    • ChipMixer is ok…….
      I received my clean coins but the betting don’t fall for it.
      They give you weird dominations so I figure I would gamble 3 0.001 chips and I lost 2 of the best only won 1.

      Just use them as mixer and you will be ok.
      Not worth the gamble

  4. Visitor Rating: 5 Stars

  5. Chipmixer is much different than other mixers, instead of sending clean coins they provisde you with private keys. This was a bit intimidating initially but after reading through your guide I was able to figure it out.

    Newbies considering this mixer might want to try another one though. I could see how this would be confusing for someone who’s not savvy with tech.


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