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CoinMixer is respected and featured on many websites such as for the last year. It is believed to be one of the most secure anonymous bitcoin mixers with it’s proven algorithm. CoinMixer is accessible through the Tor Browser (Darknet) and the Clearnet for your convince. As with any website it is recommended to always use the .onion Darknet URL for extra privacy.

To ensure you never lose any BTC, a letter of guarantee is provided to you as evidence that a bitcoin mix was started. You can then contact the service anytime on the forums or via their support E-mail.

You can also sign up with their built in affiliate system if you have friends or any kind of bitcoin traffic, and earn 50% on fees. The payouts are automatic withdraws once you start earning money.

The real CoinMixer URL Clearnet URL is

The real CoinMixer Onion URL is http://coinminj7oengi3s.onion

Trust & Ranking
  • The age and history of CoinMixer
  • The speed it took CoinMixer to issue new Bitcoins
  • The security & privacy features CoinMixer offers
  • The fees CoinMixer charges compared to others


The mixer sends you the exact Bitcoins you request before a mix and then tacks on a random 1 to 3% fee plus 0.0011 per each address. No reports of lost Bitcoins have been posted on any forum or website

User Rating 4 (3 votes)
Comments Rating 4.8 (5 reviews)


  1. worked but im pissed off

    well i had some bitcoin to mix just have been lazy. sent coinminj7oengi3s.onion 1.2 BTC and got back around 1.1844 to my wallet. seems about 1.3% fee not bad at all compared to chipmixer that ate me alive when i lost money with their stupid “proven fair bets”

    only thing im angry about is BTC is $8000 right now !!!!! all my profits are gone im actually negative. the price fuckin crashed fuck fuck


    Look, just because CoinMixer is safe and trusted doesn’t mean you should list their clearnet URL for noobs to use.

    I don’t even know why they have a clearnet URL. I have been in the bitcoin long before all the new markets like Dream. Always use TOR. Always use .onion websites. LASTLY…. ALWAYS DISABLE JAVASCRIPT!!!!

    Happy BTC Mixing

  3. wish it did bch

    works good for bitcoin but no support for bitcoin cash! where to find a bch mixer?

  4. Pretty good mixer

    coinmixer has been around a while but I didn’t realize they changed URLs. Thank you for sharing this, new url works fine and coins came back fast

  5. Fast Fast Fast

    I send about .5 btc to the mixer and it confirmed within minutes. My clean coins came back almost instantly. Coinmixer seems to be probably 2-3 times more fast than other mixers and also have pretty low fees. I’ll give them 5 stars for that XD


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