Dream Market Bitcoin Tumbler

dream market bitcoin tumblerAfter having trouble with their internal bitcoin mixer some time ago; The guys behind the infamous Deep Web “Dream Market” decided to develop a completely new, fully standalone dream market bitcoin tumbler as a compliment to their brand. In this article, we will be reviewing their bitcoin mixer service and offering tips & tricks on how to make the most out of it’s advanced privacy features.

Dream Market is most well known for it’s extremely large user base and extremely secure marketplace platform. Due to overwhelming demand for an internal bitcoin tumbler, The Dream Team has officially released their completely new bitcoin tumbler.

Dream Market Bitcoin Tumbler Review

Dream Market bitcoin tumbler offers a variety of privacy features. Among the many, they offer multiple output addresses. Additionally, a randomized delay option (between 30 minutes-3 hours.) They charge a random fee between .5%-2% per tumble. Also, The fee value can actually be manipulated by refreshing the screen until you get the lower desired fee.

In conclusion, Dream Market bitcoin tumbler has received our official seal of approval. The mix process was secure, fast, and user friendly. They also offer an instant log deletion feature, which gives us added peace of mind knowing there’s no record of the transaction.

Unlike many other bitcoin mixers, Dream Market bitcoin tumbler is ONLY accessible through the deep web, via Tor.

Visit Official Dream Market Bitcoin Tumbler

No Clearnet Available


  1. I’m so glad they finally branched off from having it built in to their market.. this new server is working 10x better than before

  2. JUST TESTED IT. Worked great. I refreshed the page until i got .5 fee because im a jew lol


  4. is this the same system they were using in their market? i hated having to deposit to my account before tumbling out.. seems like the market is down every other time i check lol

    • No, this is a totally separate system/server

  5. I’ve always trusted dream market. Even with their downtime last month they always come back. It’s only fitting that they’ve developed this system to help relieve the load from their market. Thanks for this post admin!

  6. Just sent .75 btc to them and it cleared in quickly. Great service, much better than coinmixer

  7. i tryed 2 mixers and i have been burned. both privcoin.io and bitcoin-mixer.org stole my 0.01 minimum test. how do i know this dream bitcoin mixer is legit?

    • Sry for your loss mate just cost of biz. make sure you use correct Dream onion mixdrbd2mlg5oztv.onion they make 2 much money to be scamming foolz… They have a min send amount of 0.004 to test you will see they are legit.

      Stay Safe & Good Luck!


      • i rolled the dice and tryed it the other day came in thank you!

  8. Worked after 1 confirmation. As described. Thanks.

  9. I’ve been using bitcoin mixers since the first silk road and am quite informed on security and cryptocurrency. The people on here (other posts/comments) tend to be a tab misinformed as to how the blockchain works.

    It’s great that you’re sharing this information with newbies. but I suggest that you also provide a few additional resources to help them understand exactly how the mixer works.

    Many people don’t know that the dream market mixer – and the onion mixer you also reviewed on here are Tor only. Many people probably don’t know that they have to install TOR to even access these sites.

    I hope that those of you finding this comment will be sure to read up on Tor, and how it works so that you can mix your bitcoins safely and properly.

    Admin, if you would like additional information or content on this topic I would be happy to contribute. I have sent you an email.

    Thanks, and 10/10 on this mixer- it is one of my favorites.

  10. Do i have to make a clean wallet everytime i wanna do this or can i use the same clean wallet over and over?


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