Official Onion Mixer Review

onion bitcoin mixerOnion mixer is a bitcoin mixer that makes your bitcoin transaction untraceable on the blockchain. The onion bitcoin mixer accepts your tainted bitcoin deposits, tumbles them with other bitcoin in the system, and deposits untainted, clean bitcoin to your new clean, and completely anonymous wallet. In addition to cleaning bitcoin, onion mixer provides users an added amount of privacy when transacting on the blockchain. In this bitcoin mixer review, we’ll outline the core features and benefits of onion mixer.

Onion Mixer is only available on the deep web

As onion mixer is a hidden onion service on the deep web, you must be using Tor browser. Tor browser is the only way to access the deep web and can be downloaded for free at:

Onion Mixer Review

Having been in business since early 2014, Onion Mixer has established itself as one of the most well known and trusted privacy services on the deep web. As noted earlier- you must be using Tor to access the actual platform- there is no clear web version of onion mixer, so be sure to access the official URL below:


onion mixer guide

Specify up to 5 output addresses

Input the wallet address(s) to where onion mixer will send the new, clean bitcoin. You can specify up to 5 output wallet addresses, and onion mixer will randomly split and disburse the amounts to all output addresses.It is best to split the transaction across multiple output addresses to further maximize anonymity

Onion Mixer allows you to choose your own fee, which ranges anywhere from .5-4%

Customizable fee and delay settings

By default, onion mixer will send the coins immediately upon receipt. You can optionally choose to set a random delay value to further improve privacy. The delay option allows you to choose either (immediately, 10 minutes-3 hours, or 3 hours-12hours.) Once you’ve configured your new bitcoin mix, click “Next, proceed to letter of guarantee.”

Onion Mixer Letter of Guarantee

The onion mixer letter of guarantee is a document onion mixer gives it’s users that provides them with the hash key and private URL to where you may check the status of their mix. This is the primary means of verification, as onion mixer keeps no logs.

Once you’ve saved your letter of guarantee, proceed to the next step where you’ll be given a unique deposit address. This is where you’ll then send your “dirty” bitcoin. This deposit address is unique to you. For maximum anonymity, we suggest sending it from a new, anonymous wallet that’s been created using Tor.

Upon 1 successful bitcoin confirmation, the payment will then be registered on onion mixer. From there, your bitcoin will be sent to the specified wallet address(s) within the parameters of your previously assigned delay preferences.

Onion Mixer Conclusion

Onion mixer bitcoin mixer has proven itself to be a trusted and reliable bitcoin mixer service, thus earning it’s rank in our best bitcoin mixer directory. The service has been voted on as one of the most reliable services on the deep web, and countless feedback submissions have nominated it as one of the most effective privacy tools.


  1. This is a good service, I’ve had trouble finding good mixers on the clear web but am now finding that the best ones are on the deep web.

    • @georgie stay away from clear web mixers.. deep web is the way to go if you’re truly wanting to be anonymous

  2. server not found.. is site down?

    • If you read the first paragraph of the article you’d know that it’s a deep web service, you’ve got to use Tor to access .onions

  3. Mixed just under .01 this morning and it worked great. Thank you!!

  4. Worked as promised, will use onion mixer again in the future

  5. Taint analysis came back perfect, would you be willing to let me reshare this on my blog? I’ve left my contact info in this post, please reach out!

    • Certainly, thank you for your engagement.

  6. just used OM to tumble a full coin and the damn thing actually did what it said it would. legend.


  8. It took me some time to figure out I needed to use Tor browser to access the site haha but once I did it loaded great and I got my clean coins back in about 10 minutes. Fast and easy service, thanks for the guide!


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