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Today, on reddit the grams helix light admin announced that all services will be shutdown this week. In response to a confused response from the dark web community, he released an official PGP encrypted announcement:

” It has been a wild ride. I write to you all today with heavy heart. I have decided to take down Grams and all its’ services one week from now. I’ve tried very hard to provide the best services on the darknet.

Lately it has been more difficult to do this. It has become too difficult to get the listings from the markets and to keep up on even routine maintenance of the site. I’ve had a hard year personally and financially.This decision was not an easy one, but I believe it is what is best for me. I hope for nothing but the best for all of you in the darknet world.

I will give all our users a week to withdrawal their funds from their accounts.Helix Light will be disabled 24 hours before shutdown. This provides ample time for any late transactions to go through before the shutdown.

Any bitcoin left on the site after Grams is shut down on 16-12-2017 will be sent to several donation sites. If you would like to suggest any sites that accept bitcoins and are worthy of donations please do so below in the comments.Stay safe out there!

Cheers, GramsAdmin “

Best Helix Light Alternative Bitcoin Mixer

Bitcoin blender is the best helix grams alternative. As Helix Light by grams is closing their doors; is our recombination as the best bitcoin mixer alternative to Helix Light grams. In comparison, Bitmixer has become a very slow and sluggish service over time, and when considering their high fees.. it’s just not worth it.

Visit the official Bitcoin Blender URL

In addition to we also have a number of bitcoin mixer reviews listed on our page

Click here to read our official BTC Bitcoin Blender review

  • Transaction fee of (1-3%) compared to Helix Light Grams
  • Number of confirmations (1) compared to Helix Light Grams
  • Time in business (4 years) compared to Helix Light Grams
  • Number of verified reviews (432) compared to Helix Light Grams
  • Verified PGP key and dark web tor onion address

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