The Purpose of Bitcoin Mixing

The cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, allows you to make donations, purchases, or peer to peer transactions without losing money on high transaction fees that services like Western Union and MoneyGram charge. Although many think of Bitcoin transactions being fully anonymous – they are not. Bitcoin activities are recorded and available publicly via the blockchain; a comprehensive database which keeps a record of bitcoin transactions.

All Bitcoin exchanges usually require some personal information from the customer such as their name, payment information, or even a copy of their identification. At the very least even if you purchase your Bitcoins with cash, other identifying information can be linked to you such as device, IP address, or the bitcoins will be linked to the seller who in turn can give a physical description of you. This allows a third party whether it be your spouse or a hacker to find what you spend your bitcoins on. The person or party will also be able to know how many Bitcoins you control at a time which is a huge security and privacy risk.

Bitcoin is a fully legal digital currency in most countries and using a bitcoin mixer is NOT illegal. Bitcoin Mixers will protect your identity and spending habits. Criminals only make up a very small fraction of all bitcoin activity and many legitimate users in the bitcoin community always recommend using a bitcoin mixer prior to spending your bitcoins.

A bitcoin mixer works by you sending your funds to a given generated wallet address from the Bitcoin Mixer service. You provide a return address (or multiple addresses) and once the funds are received, the bitcoin mixing service will send you back freshly new bitcoins that are not linked to you in any way.

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